Tools & Materials

I buy tools and materials for my print-making primarily from primarily the suppliers listed to the right.












Sources of tools and materials:

Paper:  Primarily an Arches 100% cotton acid free French-made paper called Rives Heavyweight.  I have bought this paper from Daniel Smith, New York Central Art Supply, and Orange Art.
Pigments:  Mostly from Guerra Pigment and Kremer Pigment.  McLain’s sells an Aqua Kolor line of pigment which are fine.  Gouache or watercolor pigments print fine.
Rice paste: Rice starch for museum mounting from Talas, or Lineco.  Rice flour will work.  Other possibilities include wall-paper paste, gum Arabic, methyl cellulose, and a ready to use nori paste from McLain’s.
Carving tools: Micro-gouge sets from Woodcraft. Don't forget to order the pouch.
Carving blocks: Shina plywood from McLain’s.  Other possibilities: Baltic birch plywood, mdf board, various plywoods or boards.  I carve on solid blocks mostly made up here in the shop from lumber I have harvested (basswood, birch, poplar, and cherry).
Brushes: mostly from McLain's, or Woodlike Matsumara.
Barens: from McLain's or Woodlike Matsumara.  McLain’s offers a baren recovering service.


Woodlike Matsumara, a hardware store owner in Japan who specializes in tools and materials for hanga printmaking. They sell some nice brushes, barens, takenokowa skins for your baren, carving blocks, and more.  Look for English section of site at
Guerra Paint and Pigment, 510 East 12th St., NYC, 10009. (212-529-0628) Water dispersed pigments and other products for making your own paint and inks.
Kremer Pigments, 247 West 29th St., NYC, 10001. (800-995-5501) German company importing highest quality artist pigments: mica, rice paste.
McClain's Print-making Supplies, P.O. Box 40163, Portland, Oregon, 97240-0163, (800-832-4264) importer and supplier of Japanese tools and materials for use in hanga print-making: brushes, barens, paper, carving blocks. They have a great catalogue and web-site. Go here for supplies and materials first!
Daniel Smith,  4150 First Ave., Seattle, Washington, 98124-5508. (800-426-6740) supplier of artists tools and materials : papers, barens, inks and additives.
Hida Tool and Hardware, Inc., 1333 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702. Carving tools.
Graphic Chemical, 728 North Yale Ave., P.O. Box 27, Villa Park, IL 60181. (800-465-7382) Print-making supplies: inks, brayers, paper, carving blocks I have never used.
Woodcraft, Parkersburg, WV, 26102-1686.  From Woodcraft I purchase a the little Dockyard gouge set called Micro-gouges (USA made) (800-225-1153).


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