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The Real Shop:

The Shop
Above is a view of the shop where I work in Lyme, NH. This is a building
I built in 1997 and it is where the prints are made.

Frame RoomIf you come by the place to look at prints we go down to the frame room. This is where we do the framing and shpping and where the finished prints are stashed.








Buying prints using this web-site:

This site has an order form you can use to order prints.

You can purchase prints by asking for me (Matt) at 603-795-4619 (between 8 & 8). You can send me a note, or e-mail me at

To purchase using a check send to:

Matt Brown
23 Washburn Hill Rd.
Lyme, NH 03768
(603) 795-4619

Any other questions? ask away!

Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-795-4619. . . . . .