Each Spring I teach classes.
I have taught at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA, Concord Art Association in Concord, MA, Anderson Ranch in Aspen, CO, the Art Students League in Denver, CO, and here at my shop in Lyme. The course description on the right applies to all of them. By visiting the work by students page you can see prints and photos from past workshops, and look at the prints that were made in the classes (comprehensive but needs updating).

FYI below are links to a few who have gone on to make prints on their own after taking the class (quite inspiring!):

Annie Bissett
Linda Mahoney
Richard Sabin
Sandy Wadlington


Introduction to Japanese Color Woodblock Printmaking
The Japanese developed a woodblock printing tradition using water as a medium, brushes to apply colors to the blocks, and a hand-held baren instead of a press to transfer colors from the carved blocks to the papers. These workshops are organized to offer an introduction to the range of wonderful tools, techniques, and materials involved in the process. Everyone completes a multi-color print and engages with aspects of design, carving, and printing. There is an emphasis on sharing tricks and techniques that can be adapted to other art-making approaches including watercolor painting, and other printing approaches. All experience levels are welcome.
Each 3-day workshop is taught in six three hour sessions. Send me a note if you would like more info. To find out more, and to see prints made by past class participants, take a look in the Studio.


April 10 - 12, 2015: Concord Art Association, Lexington Rd., Concord, MA.

April 24 - 26, 2015: Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA.

May 29 - May 31, 2015: here at the shop in Lyme, NH (tuition $465 including studio materials fee). Room and meals available. For more info on this workshop.


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